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Easily improve fill rates, yields, video views and engagement with a single plugin for your existing video stack.

All your data in one place, in real time

Every data pile from across the supply path brought together under one roof, accessible in real time.

Simple wrapper-less integration

One plugin supporting all major OVPs and players that sits outside of the wrapper chain

One view, 360 degree vision

A unified data set lets you see everything from one viewing point

Increased fill and yields

Eliminate errors in the supply path and have more informed conversations with your demand partners

Trusted experts

Our solutions include access to our proven experience in building scalable and profitable video businesses.

6 Billion Impressions

Over 6 billions impressions tracked

Ready to take your video business to the next level?

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Watching That has allowed us to dig into the details of our video ad activity like never before.  Certain metrics like breakdown by geographies, domains and devices has really helped bring new, deeper understanding of our overall performance.  We have been able to identify new low hanging fruit which we are monetising increasing over all revenues with little extra effort.

Alan Whiteley: CTO, Express Newspapers

Join the premium media organisations growing fill, views and revenues.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

The only technical requirement to using the Watching That platform is to deploy the plugin version that supports your online video platform.  This can take as little as 15 minutes to complete and the process is simple to follow with no changes needed to your publishing and advertising setup.

What data do you collect and from where?

Watching That collects data from as many sources as you connect it to.  Out of the box, once deployed, the WT plugin collects directly from source the player event data, video content data, page context data, ad delivery data (including ad errors) and ad playback data.  From here you can layer on data from your ad server, SSPs, OVPs, social accounts and more via API integrations

What platforms do you currently integrate with?

Current out of the box integrations include:

  • Brightcove (OVP)
  • JWPlayer (OVP)
  • FlowPlayer(OVP)
  • VideoJS (Player)
  • IMA3 (HTML5 SDK)
  • Suggestv (Recommendation platform)
  • DFP (Ad Server)
  • SpotX (SSP)
  • IndexExchange (SSP)
  • TEADS (Outstream)
  • Nativo (Native)

Custom stacks and components are supported by the availability of an NPM package.

Watching That supports the following standards:

  • VAST 2.0 / 3.0
  • VPAID 1.0 / 2.0
  • MRC Viewability
  • VMAP

How do you charge?

Watching That charges on a Pay As You Earn model which is a volume based framework pinned to the impressions tracked in the platform.  So you only pay when you’re making money. Please  Contact Sales for more information.

What type of returns can I expect from the platform?

Although results vary by customer, typically they see a significant uplift in fill rate ( >30%) in the first 30 days.

What ad formats do you support?

At this time Watching That supports instream (pre, mid and post roll) video units that conform to the VPAID standard and are delivered using VAST.

I would like to see a demo and/or I have more questions!

Sure thing!  We’re here to help.  Please fill out the Contact form and we’ll get back to you asap.