NEW Filtering update

New Year, New Filtering!

We know how useful filtering is to understanding the specifics of your data so we’ve improved the filtering experience and you can now save your filters too.

Here is the new filter menu:

Each of the categories drop down to show the available metrics:

You can then choose whether you want to include or exclude a particular value for that metric:

Helpfully you can now save and name filters to allow you to easy access your most frequently used filters.

Just click on Saved filters in the menu bar to find your previous saved filters.

Here is the full list of metrics that you can currently filter by:


  • Ad ID
  • Ad System
  • Ad Wrappers


  • Video
  • Player
  • Playlist Position


  • Ad Unit
  • Line item


  • Play
  • Ad request
  • Impression
  • Error


  • Error code


  • Browser
  • Country
  • Device Type
  • Domain
  • https Page
  • OS

For more information or any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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